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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Caution, Slow Knitter

Many years ago I admitted that I was powerless over the force of gauge, and have since then vowed to knit only textiles, never garments (except hats, because I can see what I am doing as I go along). I'm not much with the groovy stitches, either, so I count on the colors and textures of my yarns for dazzle.

For the knitting Olympics, I will be making a baby blanket with my old favorite Lion Brand Homespun. I love the softness and washability for kids' stuff, and it's bulky enough to go pretty fast. I strongly believe that children's items should not be limited to pastels. I usually enjoy using vivid combinations that scare adults, but this time I have a lot of different variegated yarns that all go well with purple, so I'm planning to alternate big marled sections with dark purple stripes. I hope there will be something of a sunset effect.

Another thing I enjoy about blankets and scarves is working out stitches that look good on both sides. I think a blanket should not have a front or back, so I often use differnt types of checkerboard patterns or more complex alternating textures. In this case, though, I think the focus should be on color, and the yarn has a lot of texture already, so I think it may be moss stitch or even garter stitch. I'll have to start up a swatch to decide.

Despite my mediocre knitting skills, I manage OK with PhotoShop. I created the Team Pie badge at the top of the page. Feel free to swipe it for your own pages (if you are part of Team Pie, that is!).


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