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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Round 2...

Hi, I'm Jennifer, and I'll be doing the Tubey sweater from Knitty...again.

Is that a cheat to do something I've done before? I really don't know. But I started Tubey #1 a few weeks ago and fell in love with making it. So simple, so quick! The (first and last) time I made a sweater, it took me four months! This one took me...well, I didn't write down when I started it, but I think it probably went about as long as the Olympics are going to. So that seems appropriate to me, somehow. I didn't particularly try to be fast about it, but this time I'd like to do a Speed Tubey. Just go as fast as I can, though maybe making the second version with tighter sleeves and a longer waist, and more colors. Well, that and I keep thinking of a girl I know who made an entire cardigan in a weekend, and someday I'd like to be that fast. So this could be practice for that. Besides, my other current knitting project right now is a total PITA and is going to take me fifty years... way too much detailed Fair Isle, color switches, and counting every stitch on small needles! Aiee!


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