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3WA does the knitting olympics! We're members of a completely serious, no snark ever allowed discussion board who enjoy knitting granny squares and ridiculously complicated floral intarsia smocked dresses for our perfect children. OK. We're a bunch of smartassed snarkmeisters who knit, curse, joke, and blather.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Welcome, my friends

To the blog that WILL end, though it may turn into some bizarroverse 3WA knitters forum. Who knows?

We are the few, the proud, the knitters of ThreeWayAction, which despite its name is not a site for WOO HOO teh_SEX! but is instead a discussion board. Together, we have thrown down the (gauntlet, mitten, fingerless glove, YMMV) and are entering the Knitting Olympics.

I'm Chicagowench, and I will be knitting the Rowan "Beth" out of the ribbon twist collection. As an extra carrot and stick to myself, I will reward myself with a gift certif to jimmy beans wool if I also bang out a hat.


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