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3WA does the knitting olympics! We're members of a completely serious, no snark ever allowed discussion board who enjoy knitting granny squares and ridiculously complicated floral intarsia smocked dresses for our perfect children. OK. We're a bunch of smartassed snarkmeisters who knit, curse, joke, and blather.

Friday, March 03, 2006


Four days late, alas, but my sweater is done. I spent most of Thursday seaming it and knitting the neck, and then this morning was spent weaving in about fifty zillion ends. I'll block it over the weekend. Yes, there is microfibre in the Cashmerino, but the vast bulk is natural fibre, so it should benefit from blocking. I changed it from a polo neck to a crew neck, because Phil asked me to (he wants to be able to wear it over a button-down shirt), but other than that, I didn't make any major changes to the pattern. It fits brilliantly, and looks just wonderful on him.

What I have learned: Totally natural fibres rule, because splicing is SO MUCH BETTER than weaving in fifty zillion ends. I loved working with the Cashmerino -- it's really a beautiful yarn -- but on a project this big, once I knit through my stash, I am sticking to wholly natural fibres in the future, because the joining and weaving in really did suck that much. I don't know if I'm just that much better a knitter than I was when I made the first sweater, or if this is just a better pattern, but setting in the sleeves was way easier this time. So was picking up stitches for the collar, and my overall confidence was significantly higher.

Next sweater project will be a cardigan in Summer Tweed for my mum, but right now, I'm going to finish the black and pink skinny scarf I'm making for myself, and then I'll probably do a shawl or a throw. I need a break from gauge!

No medals for me, but knocking out a whole sweater in just under three weeks feels like a big accomplishment to me. I subbed yarn, dicked with gauge, and changed a pattern. I trusted my own instincts, and holy shit, I totally fuckin' made ANOTHER sweater!

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Go to yarn harlot

Want a medal jpg for your site? Want to send email to enter for the prize drawing? Want to be all warm and fuzzy?

go here!

Monday, February 27, 2006

In the afterglow

congratulations to all members of team pie, regardless of whether you finished or not. Something something about the journey being the reward.

Special congrats to folks who've picked up the needles for their first project cause of this. My (just finished before the closing ceremonies started) umbilical cord baby hat is off to you.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


Team Pie #1!!!! That's me, wearing my newly finished and blocked gloves!

I'm also wearing my Olympic beret; it's from the Salt Lake games, not the Torino ones, but it'll do.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Here's ANJA!

Well, here she is. She's a bit blue-looking, but that's my fault (I'm still learning how to use my digital camera) -- she's actually Brown Sheep Co's Lamb's Pride Bulky in "Pine Shadows".Still needs blocked, I think, although she's pretty close to squared up as-is... I'm torn between the 'soak and pin' and 'steam iron under damp towel' methods. Would you believe I've already started on another project? Egads - I think I've become a 'knitter'!

14 days. 2 me sized sweaters done. Inch and a quarter into a baby hat. BOOYAH. Pics soon. Promise.

Edited: As promised:


Beth is done in Rowan Ribbon Twist (yes I went and straightened out the collar after taking the pic). That extended collar hangs back like not hoodish hoodie. Jude is in black (apparently known as 'Savage' to the Rowan people) Biggy Print.



A closeup of the Beth. I have to say I like this colourway, as it kind of reminds me of chain mail.


Knitter down...

I am recovering from injuries that have slowed me way down. I hope to finish the penis and pattern, but the hats are going to have to wait until afte the Olympics. I took a spectacular fall on a wet kitchen floor and banged up my left elbow, and by the time that started to heal, I managed to burn my left thumb on an oven element and got a second degree burn. It's getting better.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

I'm done!

I made an entire sweater in 13 days, or about 61 hours of work.



I finished my scarf at about 10pm last night -- I've decided to call it 'Anja', since I cast off the last stitch just about the same time Anja Paerson got her gold in slalom. I'm weaving in ends this evening and I'll post a pre-blocked picture later on.

Even though I cheated and started early I'm right chuffed with myself, I can assure you. I feel positively victorious.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Penile progress

We were travelling at the beginning of the Knitting Olympics, and I neglected to bring 2 circular size 2 needles, so progress has been somewhat slow. However, last night I finished the shaft and head, and picked up stitches for the scrotum. I will post pictures as soon as I can find the memory card reader, which I know I saw the other day...