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Sunday, January 29, 2006


I am in the midst of seaming my very first sweater, which I should complete in a day or two, even though this is a stupid easy pattern, because setting sleeves made of stop-rolling-dammit stocking stitch is driving me INSANE. Still, I soldier on.

I'm Ana. I am still deciding exactly what to knit from my embarrassingly vast collection of pattern books and my scary huge stash, because while knitting is so much fun, just, you know, buying yarn and patterns is much more exciting. And did I mention my knitting needle fetish? Anyway, I am leaning towards either "Basil" or "Rosehip" in Chocolate Fudge yarn from the Rowan Summer Tweed collection. Both are listed as easy knits, but this is Rowan we're talking about, and their definition of easy is not necessarily the same as mine.

In conclusion: Go Team Pie!


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