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Thursday, February 02, 2006

About that Rowan sweater...

Er, that may be off the table for the Knitting Olympics, not because I don't plan on knitting it eventually, but because Mother's Day is still some time off, and I started playing with my stash of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, and oh my God. The Cashmerino, so soft, so silky, so yummy. It is just gliding over my needles and slipping through my fingers, and mmmm. All of my stash is in girly colours, intended to be scarves and hats for me, me, me, but I am probably going to head over to John Lewis in Liverpool and see what they have in the manly colours, because I can seriously see my husband looking and feeling mighty good in a black polo neck Cashmerino sweater. The pattern I plan on using calls for the discontinued Noro Sahara, but I'm pretty sure I can make gauge using either the Cashmerino Chunky or, more likely, Superchunky. And, yes, my stash is already way too big, but this sweater is something I passionately want to knit, it will get worn to death, and Cashmerino is MACHINE WASHABLE, people. I have only so much self-control.

Speaking of my husband and sweaters, the blue Rowanspun roll-neck had just finished blocking when he got back from Leeds for the weekend, and when he tried it on, it fit absolutely flawlessly, and he loves it and praised me to the skies for it. Therefore, he deserves another sweater. In Cashmerino, which, in case I haven't been clear enough, I LOVE AND WANT TO MARRY.


Blogger chicagowench said...

I have two skeins to bang out a hat in. mmmmmmm.

11:35 AM  

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