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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

first sweater post-mortem

So is it OK if we just blither about knitting in general here, as well? Because I am so excited by how well my first sweater turned out. I am not going to get all hubristastic about it, but for all the frustrations, it actually wasn't all that hard, and I am revved up and ready to go with more complicated projects.

I learned so damn much with this project; knitting in the round (the neck), picking up stitches (again, the neck) sewing invisible seams (and oh my god, it is SO DAMN COOL to watch the stitches disappear when you pull the thread tight), shaping, fitting sleeves into armholes, etc. I think, though, that the most important thing I learned was how to figure things out for myself when patterns aren't written as clearly as one would like. And also, when the author isn't clear, or gives flat-out crappy, confusing directions, don't blame yourself; just find somebody who can explain it in a way that you can understand. And, seriously, Stitch 'n Bitch is a lifesaver. I found Debbie Stoller's explanations for picking up stitches and sewing invisible seams so much more comprehensible than those in the book from which I got my sweater pattern. I will definitely knit some of the other patterns in The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits, since, in addition to being pretty damn easy, they're just the sort of knitwear I really like, but I can't say I thought much of most of their general knitting instructions.

I'm still not sure about going for one of the Summer Tweed patterns for the Olympics. I might have all I can do to get it done with something a bit easier, and done on bulkier yarn, but I've got about a week to figure it out and source anything I need, so I will let you all know when I decide. Right now, I'm going to treat myself to a quick, instant gratification knit of some sort, just as a reward for having stuck it out and concentrating on only one thing through the first sweater project. Oh, and the medal I intend to reward myself, if I succeed in my event is a new pair of disgustingly spendy Asciano Rosewood needles. I have one pair in 5 mm, and I adore them.

Round 2...

Hi, I'm Jennifer, and I'll be doing the Tubey sweater from Knitty...again.

Is that a cheat to do something I've done before? I really don't know. But I started Tubey #1 a few weeks ago and fell in love with making it. So simple, so quick! The (first and last) time I made a sweater, it took me four months! This one took me...well, I didn't write down when I started it, but I think it probably went about as long as the Olympics are going to. So that seems appropriate to me, somehow. I didn't particularly try to be fast about it, but this time I'd like to do a Speed Tubey. Just go as fast as I can, though maybe making the second version with tighter sleeves and a longer waist, and more colors. Well, that and I keep thinking of a girl I know who made an entire cardigan in a weekend, and someday I'd like to be that fast. So this could be practice for that. Besides, my other current knitting project right now is a total PITA and is going to take me fifty years... way too much detailed Fair Isle, color switches, and counting every stitch on small needles! Aiee!

A Scarf's Tale

Yes, I know I'm totally bending the rules by having already started my project... but hey. Like I said, it's my first ever knit item, and I've been purling for less than a week. So, with no further ado, I hereby announce I'll be completing the 'Ribbed for Her Pleasure' scarf from Stitch 'n Bitch. GO TEAM PIE!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Caution, Slow Knitter

Many years ago I admitted that I was powerless over the force of gauge, and have since then vowed to knit only textiles, never garments (except hats, because I can see what I am doing as I go along). I'm not much with the groovy stitches, either, so I count on the colors and textures of my yarns for dazzle.

For the knitting Olympics, I will be making a baby blanket with my old favorite Lion Brand Homespun. I love the softness and washability for kids' stuff, and it's bulky enough to go pretty fast. I strongly believe that children's items should not be limited to pastels. I usually enjoy using vivid combinations that scare adults, but this time I have a lot of different variegated yarns that all go well with purple, so I'm planning to alternate big marled sections with dark purple stripes. I hope there will be something of a sunset effect.

Another thing I enjoy about blankets and scarves is working out stitches that look good on both sides. I think a blanket should not have a front or back, so I often use differnt types of checkerboard patterns or more complex alternating textures. In this case, though, I think the focus should be on color, and the yarn has a lot of texture already, so I think it may be moss stitch or even garter stitch. I'll have to start up a swatch to decide.

Despite my mediocre knitting skills, I manage OK with PhotoShop. I created the Team Pie badge at the top of the page. Feel free to swipe it for your own pages (if you are part of Team Pie, that is!).


I am in the midst of seaming my very first sweater, which I should complete in a day or two, even though this is a stupid easy pattern, because setting sleeves made of stop-rolling-dammit stocking stitch is driving me INSANE. Still, I soldier on.

I'm Ana. I am still deciding exactly what to knit from my embarrassingly vast collection of pattern books and my scary huge stash, because while knitting is so much fun, just, you know, buying yarn and patterns is much more exciting. And did I mention my knitting needle fetish? Anyway, I am leaning towards either "Basil" or "Rosehip" in Chocolate Fudge yarn from the Rowan Summer Tweed collection. Both are listed as easy knits, but this is Rowan we're talking about, and their definition of easy is not necessarily the same as mine.

In conclusion: Go Team Pie!

Welcome, my friends

To the blog that WILL end, though it may turn into some bizarroverse 3WA knitters forum. Who knows?

We are the few, the proud, the knitters of ThreeWayAction, which despite its name is not a site for WOO HOO teh_SEX! but is instead a discussion board. Together, we have thrown down the (gauntlet, mitten, fingerless glove, YMMV) and are entering the Knitting Olympics.

I'm Chicagowench, and I will be knitting the Rowan "Beth" out of the ribbon twist collection. As an extra carrot and stick to myself, I will reward myself with a gift certif to jimmy beans wool if I also bang out a hat.