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Monday, February 06, 2006

Event Prep

So I did go over to John Lewis in Liverpool today, and got (gulp!) 12 skeins of the (luscious!) black Cashmerino Superchunky, as I have definitely decided to make the polo neck pullover. The gauge is just, as in barely 1/5th of a stitch, off, but it will be fine; I am not anticipating any real sizing problems with this, since it's hardly intended to be a form-fitting sweater anyway, and Cashmerino definitely blooms a bit when you wash it. (Which you can! Muahahahahahaha!)

Now I am off to order a pair of 8mm/40cm Addi Turbos for picking up and knitting the collar. I am really glad that when I bought my 8mm/35cm straights, I got them in light wood, because dark wool on dark needles sounds like more trouble than I need right now.


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