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Friday, February 10, 2006

T-minus whatever and counting...

Got my yarn, got my needles, found my pattern, and am about to make dinner, thus clearing the evening for watching the opening ceremonies, and starting my project. I'm not as well-organised as chicagowench, so there is no Italian theme to our meal; I'm making Chicken Etouffée with steamed basmati rice, and I made a disgustingly rich chocolate layer cake as an early Valentine's Day treat, since Phil will be away on the actual day. Mmmm Callebaut. This seems celebratory enough for me, and leaves more time to knit.

I don't have much in the way of actual work to do next week, and will, as mentioned above, be on my own for four days, so I am hoping to make a huge start over the weekend and a lot of progress next week. I am also wishing I'd gone for something really, really chunky, but it's too late now to let my nerves take over, so I am definitely sticking with the black polo neck sweater for my beloved. I swatched last weekend, and have mostly been resting my hands, but for a little noodling around on one of those blessedly gauge- and pattern-free scarves where I let the yarn do the talking, and content myself with mindless knitting.

I am in danger of taking this thing way too seriously. Somebody shoot me if I turn into one of Those People, OK?


Blogger chicagowench said...

Girl, please. It's just a crackheaded tradition in our house- opening and closing ceremonies, we eat the cuisine of the host country.

Leading to the fabulous moment in 2004 when I got taken to task in a grocery store by a woman buying the fixings for an American Flag Cake that I wasn't supporting the US Athletes and showing the world what democracy and freedom was about, with my plan to make Greek food.

I informed her extruding the symbol of freedom out her anal sphincter was not exactly respectful.

10:15 AM  
Blogger ana said...

Heh. Good thing Italy got the games then, eh? I pity you when London's turn rolls around. Of course, that will also mark the point when I am FINALLY GLAD WE MOVED.

1:37 PM  

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